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Reduced carbon
Better world

Beond Vision

‘Helping our clients achieve their ambitions while contributing to a carbon free world.’

Beond is a Zero Carbon Energy Consultancy that assists clients dealing with the complexities arising from the global climate change challenge and the consequential shift from a centralised fossil fuel economy to distributed clean tech market. This includes navigating realms of new regulations and innovative clean technology. We’re here to help businesses save money by securing the best market prices for energy and helping them become more energy efficient. We use a variety of innovative, proprietary systems to negotiate the most competitive contracts available. When the winning supply contract is from fossil fuel based sources, Beond will offset the associated carbon at no additional cost to the client. We use our technology expertise to implement effective energy saving strategies, including self-generation, renewable energy, storage and private networks. This proposition is driven by Beond living their vision of helping their clients achieve their ambitions while contributing to a carbon free world.

Beond’s ultimate mission is to create a respected energy market consultancy that operates with integrity whilst delivering a high-quality service and innovative energy solutions for non-domestic consumers in the greenest, cleanest way.