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Beond Vision

‘Helping our clients achieve their ambitions while contributing to a carbon free world.’

Beond is a Zero Carbon Energy Software Consultancy that assists clients dealing with the complexities arising from the global climate change challenge and the consequential shift from a centralised fossil fuel economy to distributed clean tech market. This includes navigating realms of new regulations and innovative clean technology.

Beond ultimately want to help solve climate change by helping non-domestic energy consumers find commercial ways to;

  • Reduce carbon/energy consumption
  • Generate energy themselves
  • Purchase cleaner energy for less

In the short term, the quickest way to contribute to tackling climate change is to purchase renewable energy. Beond’s reverse auction system delivers the most competitive energy prices on the market. When the winning supply contract is from fossil fuel based sources, Beond will offset the associated carbon at no additional cost to the client.

The medium-term solution is to create a decentralised distributed energy network.

Beond’s Sustainable Energy solution provides a high quality and impartial service to help non-domestic energy consumers invest wisely in energy efficiency and renewable technology. As the cost of technology decreases and new innovations reach the market Beond will adapt accordingly to ensure our clients achieve their ambitions while contributing to carbon free world.

To find out more please do call  and speak to one of our consulting managers on +44 20 8634 7533.