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Our Core Values Are


Operating With Integrity

At Beond we understand that to build long term relationships with staff, suppliers, partners and clients, you need to build trust. The key way to build trust is to operate with integrity in everything you do, consistently. This is characterised by:

  • hiring staff who have the right values prior to joining Beond
  • working with suppliers and partners who are congruent with our values
  • working with clients that value our ethics and trust us to deliver
  • have processes and procedures in place that protect integrity

By weaving integrity into everything that we do, we truly believe that this will create a foundation of growth for our clients, our people and our business.

Driving Innovation

Software innovation, like almost every other kind of innovation, requires the ability to collaborate and share ideas with other people, and to sit down and talk with customers and get their feedback and understand their needs.” – Bill Gates

Ultimately what Bill Gates is saying is that clients raise new problems, and it requires innovative thinking to find the best solutions. The energy industry is beset with challenges, none more so than transparency of costs. With a complicated supply chain and myriad of charging elements it is difficult for both the consumer to navigate through these complexities. It is our belief that we are mandated to continuously look for alternative ways to do ‘things’ better in order to help our clients manage their energy costs and carbon effectively. Whether that is developing leaner internal processes or creating a new software solution for our clients. If there is a need, we will find an innovative and effective way to meet that need.


Quality Delivery

As far as bars go, we set ours very high. We work with many businesses where each transaction relates to a significant financial obligation. It is therefore paramount that we ensure we deliver the highest quality of service as a mistake could be costly. Even if there is no material cost, the time taken to resolve issues could be better spent elsewhere and as such, we work on a ‘right first time’ approach. This requires:

  • diligence;
  • lean processes and systems;
  • a continuous training, monitoring and feedback loop;
  • staff expertise.

As part of this process it is vital that we receive frequent feedback with our clients, partners and suppliers and that each element of the supply chain works effectively. It is for this reason that Beond look to work with only the most credible partners to ensure continuity of delivery.

To find out more please do call Beond on +44 20 8634 7533 to speak to one of our consulting managers.