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An experienced
team with deep
knowledge in the
energy industry

Derek started his career with Macquarie Bank where he was involved in designing derivative products,and trading options and futures in the bonds, bullion and energy markets. After completing his MBA, he joined Accenture as a Strategy Consultant in financial services and energy markets.

In 1999 Derek established iVentures Capital to take advantage of internet technology opportunities in the energy markets. He raised funds to establish PowerEx an online power exchange for energy suppliers, generators and suppliers which he sold to Amsterdam Power Exchange for their entry into the UK energy markets.

Derek then acquired BuyENERGYonline which he now runs, set up EnCentric, an IT business, with joint venture partners and established Eclipse Energy to trade and supply energy.

Beond - Pushing the Boundaries in Energy Design
Beond - Pushing the Boundaries in Energy Design

Mark Callaway
Consulting and Risk Services Director

Mark is an expert in managing energy price risks and creating new opportunities for large customers. He joined London Electricity in 1990 when the electricity market deregulated and was responsible for the company’s electricity procurement and risk management. He set up the electricity trading desk and was one of the first participants in the UK wholesale market. Mark set up the team that gave all the quotes to and created products for commercial and industrial customers after the deregulation of the ‘100 kW’ market.

After London Electricity was purchased by the US utility Entergy in 1998, Mark became a founding employee and director of Entergy Koch trading, helping the company to successfully build a UK and European power and gas trading business and manage the risks for two large power stations built in the UK.

Mark joined Global Insight as an Associate Consultant and advised clients such as regulators and very large customers on topics such as customer demand management at time of peak prices and pan-European power price differences.

In late 2004 Mark was hired by Power Efficiency, a consultancy that procures energy for large commercial and industrial customers to offer their clients the opportunity to buy their energy in the wholesale market. Starting with a consortium of large customers in Canary Wharf, Mark and his team created and executed wholesale strategies for all of their large customers in the property, datacentre, financial and industrial sectors.

Mark joined Beond in 2013 to further develop the commercial services offered to a growing group of large energy users.

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