A unique approach to procurement
and energy efficiency that puts our
clients in the driving seat

Unique Systems

Beond was born as Buy Energy Online in the .com boom years, providing an online reverse auction to businesses buying energy. We continue to invest in developing innovative and sophisticated systems to support our tendering and risk management services. We are now building our 5th generation system. Once we complete a system, we redesign from scratch incorporating new features and market developments.

Our latest system places our clients in the driving seat using a browser to steer the tendering and risk management process themselves. All flexible purchasing contract variants and fixed price contract variants can be compared on a like-for-like basis during a tender, including analysis of the residual component of offers.

Top professional procurement talent

Beond attracts the top procurement talent by offering a professional organisation unique to energy markets. Our directors build their own businesses, including developing long standing relationships with their own clients, developing the professional skills of their own team and sharing equity in the business based on their contribution to success.

Integrated procurement and technology approach

Beond takes a unique approach to procurement by identifying the lowest energy cost plan for their clients. This includes running site audits to identify energy efficiency and self-generation opportunities which can reduce usage and cost, supported by a procurement plan tailored to the sites requirement over the life of technology assets. For instance, it may be cheaper and less risky to execute a spot based hedging strategy for sites implementing demand side response, building management systems and battery technologies.