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Passionately Innovating
To Contribute to
Tackling Climate Change

Sophisticated Software That Delivers Value

Beond was born as Buy Energy Online in the dotcom boom years, providing the first ever online reverse auction to businesses buying energy. We continue to invest in developing innovative and sophisticated systems in order to meet the needs of our clients, while achieving our vision. We have spent over £3mil on software development.

Our software innovations include;

  • Award winning Online Reverse Auction
  • Flexible purchasing and risk management portal
  • Bill validation system for gas and electricity
  • Multi-site tariff ‘cherry picker’ Analysis tool
  • Supply Contract Reverse Engineering module
  • Blockchain Utility Token Economy and associated smart contracts

Hiring and Nurturing Top Talent

Beond looks to attract top talent by offering a professional services organisation unique to energy markets. Additionally, highly competitive salaries, a number of structured learning and development work streams and an amazing location at Chiswick Business Park, all come together to create a highly motivating and successful work environment.

Our graduate analyst roles typically have over 200 applicants per position, and we set the bar very high in the recruitment process.

Experienced hires are expected to be experts in their respective areas to ensure innovation and quality continues, while inspiring the younger generation at Beond. Several directors currently lecture on energy topics part time at the City of London University. Another director was instrumental in the design and deployment of the first electricity risk management product. Beond’s owner previously built an energy exchange that was subsequently sold, and today he is the Chairman for the West London Climate Change and Sustainability Committee.

By hiring top talent in line with our values, Beond continues to be an environment of success, growth and innovation.

High Quality Services

Beond’s services have been developed to do two things;

  1. Help our clients achieve their ambitions
  2. Contribute to tackling climate change

Whatever your needs or energy challenges, Beond’s ethos is to work with you to solve them and where possible, encouraging positive climate action behaviours.

  • Our Zero Carbon Market has been designed to deliver the most competitive energy supply contract while meeting your sustainability needs.
  • Our Sustainable Energy Service helps organisations navigate the murky waters of carbon reduction or renewable technology investments, coordinating and analysing technology procurement tenders on your behalf.
  • Our Risk & Bureau Management services cover a multitude of complex and technology requirements our clients commonly have, ensuring your costs are management, visible and correct.

To find out more about Beond’s innovative services, please do click here or call us on +44 20 8634 7533.