Technology Tendering
& Sourcing Services

Beond provides independent and impartial advice to clients who are considering investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency technology.

We use our knowledge, systems and experience to accurately assess technology provider  solutions to ensure our clients have true visibility of the realistic return on investment and the factors that may impact the payback period.

Beond are technology agnostic and do not have a list of preferred technology providers. Instead we prefer to capture your requirements and tender out to the whole market in a transparent and efficient way. We will assess all offers, negotiate terms on your behalf and help create a business plan appropriate for your business and internal sign off processes. On signature with a provider, we typically step away from the process but we can project manage implementation if this support is needed.

Our service summary;

  • Technology agnostic
  • All of market tendering
  • Rigorous technical offer scrutiny
  • Business case creation
  • Contract term negotiation
  • Project Management of implementation


Our demand management service means that clients can earn money by selling power back to the grid when there are shortages of supply. We can also help clients shift the times of day they use power to lower-cost periods. Furthermore, we can cut up to 17% from annual electricity bills for clients who have unused back-up power generators. Beond also works with clients who can switch from gas to oil, reduce their energy consumption for a short period, or move their energy use to off-peak times.

In addition, we offer finance and ‘no win, no fee’ consultancy services to create revenue from clients’ back-up equipment and flexibility of demand. We are able to tap into the various revenues streams or cost savings offered by different companies in the electricity and gas markets.

To find out more about our Sustainable Energy Service please do call us on +44 20 8634 7533 or email