Risk Management
& Hedging Strategies

Beond offers the full range of hedge strategies, and we will recommend whatever is most suitable for clients’ specific risk management needs. We tend to avoid speculative hedges, as we believe the market provides a reasonable view of future prices. However, given the right circumstances, we accept that speculative decisions can pay off.

Our hedging strategies include:

  • fixed price contracts;
  • dynamic forward purchasing;
  • layering;
  • product diversification;
  • spot price purchasing;
  • trigger level management and our very own harness hedge.

Energy Supply Contract
Administration & Support

Purchasing an energy contract is only half of the story. It is then important to ensure the contract goes live on time, that the account is set up correctly with the supplier, and that you are billed correctly thereafter. Additionally, you may experience metering issues, billing errors or the need to add/remove meters from your portfolio. Furthermore, legislation has imposed additional burden on non-domestic users in the pursuit of meeting global and national carbon reduction targets.

Beond is highly experienced in meeting these needs and offers a variety of services that can be tailored to our clients specific requirements.


Our Risk & Administration Service covers;

  • Portfolio Management– Bill validation, metering and general query support
  • Reporting- Consumption & budgets, tariff optimisation, Energy Budget Defender
  • Market Intelligence- market reports, thought leadership and regulatory updates
  • New Meter Connections- Meter installations, up/down grades and disconnections
  • Carbon Compliance- ESOS, MEES, CRC and SECR

To find out more about our Risk & Administration Services please do call us on +44 20 8634 7533 or email info@beondgroup.com.