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Tell us your best offer and we’ll beat it

Our advanced bidding technology can shave 2 to 3% off the best energy deal you’ve found so far

When you ask a classic energy broker to find you the best possible energy deal they’ll usually approach four or five companies and provide you with no more than five or six quotes. When you ask Beond to get you the best energy deal, we’ll usually deliver five times that many. Here’s how it works:

  1. Tell us the best deal you’ve found without us. If you’ve already scoured the market to get the best deal you can find, just tell us what it is. We’ll use that price to benchmark the online auction we host for you. Our auctioneers and clever software do all the rest.
  2. Your own personal auctioneer will start planning your energy auction seven to ten days in advance. This timeframe ensures that approximately 25 different energy suppliers are ready to compete for your business on the day.
  3. On auction day, each supplier enters their best bid into our live bidding platform. Our open and transparent system means they, and you, can see instantly how their bid compares with others.
  4. Real-time visibility means best bids can be viewed by you and those competing for your business. This creates more competition between suppliers. In most bids, instant feedback means each supplier will bid two to three times for your business.
  5. Over the duration of the auction, the online bidding process typically delivers approximately 25 quotes from six or seven different suppliers. That’s at least five times more quotes than you get from a traditional energy broker.

The best quote we deliver will usually be two to three percent below your previous best price benchmark. That’s why companies like CitizenM, Berendsen and RHI want to work with us. Check out their stories here.