Utility Infrastructure Services- A team with experience

Beond’s UIS team help all key stakeholders navigate through the challenging areas surrounding utilities new meter connections. From new build design, implementation through to getting power, gas and water live on site. We work directly with Quantity Surveyors, Architects, M&E Engineers, Property Developments and Construction companies to fine tune the life cycle to ensure projects are delivered on time and below budget. We are able to do this as our team has been; -Managing new connections since 2003 -Managed new connection teams in major Suppliers -Set up the UK’s first designated new connections service delivery team -Independent and creative approach to M&E design -Vast industry network for best fit products and services Our unrivalled experience gives us advanced insight and understanding of the connections process, design and implementation, which enables us to mitigate risks caused by typical issues such as: -a lack of competition for infrastructure costs -over specification of load requirements -poor cost transparency and variable costs difficult to identify -diffused responsibility across project stakeholders -insufficient service levels from utility companies With an independent and flexible approach, we use our experience to: -insulate clients from poor advice -avoid or minimise unnecessary or negotiable costs -manage and co-ordinate project stakeholders -bridge service delivery gaps between contractors, subcontractors and utility companies

Objectives differ in terms of project drivers, planning and legal constraints, project progress and completion dates. Our approach is tailored to each client and the specific project drivers and we have a proven track record of adding value at all stages.

Scope of Services

Utility Infrastructure Services
Beond act as the central coordination point for all of your Utility Infrastructure Service requirements.

Design Challenges, Approval and Tendering

Utility Infrastructure Services
By having a deep understanding of the process, our experts will help you refine your plans and find enhanced solutions and cost savings where possible.

Successfully Implemented projects

2016 Savings -£400,000 saving against a £1.14m SGN gas quote – Delta Green Environmental Design -£200,000 saving against a £3m SGN gas quote – Commercial Laundry Business -£170,000 rebate for a historical metering issue – Public Sector Services Business -10% average saving against UKPN substation “contestable” quotes 2017 Savings -£227,000 saving saving against a network reinforcement project- Commercial Laundry Business -£90,000 saving for gas reinforcement and traffic management costs- Premium London Hotel   First Class Service Delivery94 I&C meter installations – Retail, hotel, distribution and charity sectors –927 domestic meter installations – Various housing association -Numerous projects for the UK’s largest construction company – Bouygues UK –24 hour supply and metering quote turnaround – Priority SLA’s with Suppliers –Meter installations in less than 15 working days – From application and if site ready for metering    


Below are just a few references supporting the level of quality services we have delivered. Recently I have worked with Beond on the Citizen M Hotels at Tower Hill and Shoreditch and the Curtain Hotel in Shoreditch. They have demonstrated in depth knowledge of the stakeholder responsibilities which is sometimes lacking and provided useful co-ordination of the project schedule. The liaison service has proved to bridge vital service delivery gaps which can cause weeks of delays, especially relevant when the developers team changes mid delivery which often happens.” UKPN – Project Engineer “Beond take time and effort to simplify the whole new connection process and are a vital pressure release valve for utility co-ordination”  Bouygues UK Beond are always on hand to offer support in obtaining a range of quotations for any of our energy requirements and they always manage to deliver valuable savings and vital cost avoidances As important as the financial value Beond brings is the support they offer the various project stakeholders by attending site meetings and providing project management support for all the energy related service needs throughout the whole project.”  Citizen M Hotels “Beond have the knowledge, experience and innovation to challenge designs and create savings throughout the project lifecycle”  Miller Construction

To discuss our Utility Infrastructure Services in more depth please do call us on +44 20 8634 7533 or email us at james.pooler@beondgroup.com.