Beond provides advice to clients on renewable energy and energy efficiency. We help clients reduce the amount of energy they use, helping to counter ever rising power prices driven by climate change policies.

First, our qualified engineers will conduct an on site feasibility study. Then, our technology consultants will produce a proposal to design, plan and install a suitable integrated technology solution. This will include a commercial business case, together with a robust financial model and sensitivity analysis.

We have access to several funding sources to finance the plan. Our risk managers will work with clients to help decide whether to invest their own money, raise funds, use a leasing model, or an alternative model based on risk sharing revenues and cost savings. Beond can also manage the entire project, working with our network of technology partners and sub-contractors.


ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) is a new regulation introduced last year, requiring medium and large sized businesses to conduct an energy efficiency and carbon reduction audit of their operations. The first phase needs to be implemented by 5th December 2015 to avoid large fines.

We have auditors and lead assessors working with our clients to complete their site audits, site reports and their submission pack this year. We will be working with clients on Phase 2 to help them implement the best financial opportunities that they have identified in Phase 1.


Our demand management service means that clients can earn money by selling power back to the grid when there are shortages of supply. We can also help clients shift the times of day they use power to lower-cost periods.

Furthermore, we can cut up to 17% from annual electricity bills for clients who have unused back-up power generators. Beond also works with clients who can switch from gas to oil, reduce their energy consumption for a short period, or move their energy use to off-peak times.

In addition, we offer finance and ‘no win, no fee’ consultancy services to create revenue from clients’ back-up equipment and flexibility of demand. We are able to tap into the various revenues streams or cost savings offered by different companies in the electricity and gas markets.

and technology

We provide a combined buying and technology service, using our expertise in both fields. After a site visit, our technology and risk experts work together to determine the best mix of relevant technologies.

We then apply our proprietary technology financial models to usage patterns and seasonal and day-by-day power prices. We produce a proposal and openly negotiate the share of gains and returns based on the various risks involved over time between client, site owner and investor.


We have identified a profitably niche for battery technologies, that require an integrated approach in order to provide the 3 year paybacks that our clients or investors require around new uncertain technologies. The acronym ‘BDSS’ stands for Batteries, Demand side response, Spot purchasing and Solar.

We believe that falling solar and battery costs will solve climate change by providing a more economic source of energy compared to fossil fuels, possibly over the next several years.