Checking energy bills is surprisingly complex and time consuming. Our service checks to ensure usage estimates are correct and that charges are checked back to contract and various industry pass through charges. We have expertise in negotiating speedy bill corrections with energy suppliers. Our consulting staff provide a high level of customer service focused on responsiveness and accuracy.

We typically identify errors equivalent to about 4% of the total bill but even more savings are available for complex flexible purchase contacts. We can also provide a historical bill validation service.


We offer a range of connection services. This includes project management to ensure that contracts are in place for new supply, and that meters and fuses are installed on time. Our specialist team can reduce costs and timescales by making the most of the competition within the connections market.

Site additions
and removals

Site additions and removals are surprisingly risky and difficult to negotiate best prices. The main risk is very expensive out of contact rates which can accumulate quickly while arranging the addition and negotiating market rates through cumbersome bureaucracy.

Our service includes advice on the best way to reduce or even avoid these out of contract rates while quickly negotiating best prices. Price negotiation also needs to reduce risk premiums from uncertain new usage patterns and capacity requirements.


Electricity and gas capacity charges are an expensive and non-transparent part of your energy bill. Capacity reviews can be complex especially in gas and reducing it creates its own high risks. Our consultants can advise on optimal capacity levels based on current and projected usage, can secure cost savings from reducing capacity and can advise on the risks of reducing capacity levels

Beware that the cost of increasing capacity in future could be very expensive if local capacity has been taken. Also be aware that you may be liable for costs in the event of area blackouts caused by exceeding your contracted capacity.


Contract and meter problems and queries constantly arise and can be difficult to resolve due to unresponsive energy suppliers and by lack of issue ownership within the market’s complex and integrated supply chain.

Our Bureau service includes capturing and managing all issues through to resolution. We have the network of dedicated contacts to quickly resolve these issues. Our network includes energy suppliers, distribution networks, meter operators and other parties in the supply chain.


We provide usage graphs that show different cuts of usage patterns across different time periods. These are the tools that an energy manager requires to identify unexpected usage patterns and to identify energy efficiency improvements.

Meter operator and
data collection

We provide meter operator and data collection services by tendering for the best value services available in the market. There are good savings to be made and some value-adding services and features on offer.

Smart meters are an exciting new technology development but needs to be carefully managed to ensure they provide value and that unexpected risks are avoided.


We provide our clients with full compliance advice and processing of CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) submissions based on guidance published by the Environmental Agency and Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. This service retains a 100% compliance record with the Environment Agency.