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Our Client

Tudor Grange Academies is a leading trust of ten schools: five secondary, one all-through academy and four primary academies. The core vision of the Trust is to develop a Multi Academy Trust of six secondary schools, all within one hours traveling distance from Solihull, and groups of primary feeder schools around the secondaries which all exploit the benefits of a model for school to school partnership.

Tudor were introduced to Beond by Bellrock FM after a previous energy relationship service and delivery was called into question. Beond were given the opportunity to deliver a high level support services for Tudor Grange Academies Trust (TGAT ) with a £50k reduction in consultancy fees for TGAT and improved service levels.


Tudor Grange Service Requirements

  • SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting) annual exercise reporting tonnes of CO2 in your annual accounts
  • ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) compliance exercise requiring an efficiency and renewable technology site audit with efficiency recommendations to the Environment Agency
  • Contract management and issue resolution
  • Budget Defender (Monthly report which forecasts your budget for next 1,2,3 year prices)
  • Teamworks report (Monthly report tracking all issues outstanding and resolved for TGAT to reassure all issues are being professionally managed and reported)
  • Monthly bill validation and reporting
  • Monthly market intelligence
  • Strategic Insight reports showing any regulatory, industry or compliance issues that may impact your schools
  • Zero Carbon Market (access to network of industry leaders with the aim to tackle climate change using innovative blockchain technology)
  • 100% REGO green electricity energy
  • UN carbon offset gas to give 100% carbon neutral position for energy
  • KVA analysis and assessment of peak demands
  • Support and guidance on NET ZERO
  • Budget analysis, reporting and forecasting
  • Energy efficiency and renewable technology guidance, reports and analysis
  • Water procurement and auditing
  • Meetings as required by TGAT

The Results

Beond ran a Zero Carbon Market online auction for Tudor Grange Academies Trust.

25 energy suppliers participated in the online auctions, offering a mix of zero carbon energy offers including renewable electricity using REGO offsets, nuclear energy and gas fossil fuel energy with carbon credit offsets.

After reviewing the range of zero carbon energy offers and their price differences, TGAT selected REGO green renewable electricity and brown energy for their gas due to the gas green premiums.

TGAT agreed a long term arrangement and have been very supportive of Beond and we really appreciate the collaborative relationship we have with the Trust. TGAT are focused on efficiency and improvements and we are continuing to work with Tudor to support this journey. We were recommended into 15 Trusts and MATs by TGAT and we hope to develop new working relationships within the education sector from these recommendations.

Supporting Education and their Net Zero journey

Beond is passionate about decarbonising the education sector. Our parent company eEnergy Group plc has launched our ZeERO proposition which enables schools to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions with no upfront CAPEX.

Additionally, to find out more about how our partner Bellrock FM support TGAT, please click here.