The Arts Basket

Helping the Arts achieve their ambitions

In a complex and volatile utility market, our team of experts works hard to support the Arts sector in achieving their goals and ambitions with simplicity, transparency and integrity. Our award-winning service supports a diverse set of client requirements through the dedicated management of utility costs and our unique insight and delivery of innovations in service, software and technology. We actively strive to help our clients achieve success by managing energy better, together.

How has Beond supported the Arts Sector?

The Arts Basket is a dedicated group energy, sustainability, water procurement and compliance service for Britain’s theatres and arts venues .

Originally set up in 2012, by the Royal Opera House, National Theatre and Royal Albert Hall, the growing consortium of theatres and arts venues uses its collective buying power to access green, renewable energy deals at the lowest possible cost. With Shakespeare’s Globe joining the basket at the end of 2017, almost twenty of Britain’s most popular arts venues are now benefiting.

On average, Beond has helped the Arts Basket members to reduce energy costs by 3.5% and have the opportunity to reduce energy costs further through efficiency and technology services.

Working in partnership with The Arts Basket consortium, Beond has launched a series of energy forums focusing squarely on the energy challenges facing UK arts institutions today.

“Energy challenges in the arts are unique,” explains Beond. “Until recently, meeting the needs of this sector has primarily been about securing the best price utility deals for members. Now, things are changing due to the ever-increasing importance of sustainability. Theatres, both old and new, are keen to reduce their dependency on the grid and improve sustainability metrics by investing in on-site renewables, heat networks, biomass boilers and demand-side management.”

Detailed consultations with each individual Arts Basket consortium member are making increasingly sophisticated energy combinations affordable for British theatres. “Every theatre is different. Solar roof panels may make good sense for some while wind turbines or other alternatives are well suited to others.”

“The cost of one solution may be prohibitive for a single theatre, but when we pool the individual requirements of a number of theatres the best renewable solutions become realistic options.”


“In 2017 Shakespeare’s Globe chose the Arts Basket electricity contract because we calculated a 4% saving versus our own standalone purchasing and we were also able to secure renewable electricity.   In 2018 we saw a further substantial benefit from the Arts Basket’s long term purchasing strategy”

Ian Dixon

Chief Operating Officer

It’s easy to join The Arts Basket and get a better, greener energy deal for your theatre or arts institution. Do call Beond’s dedicated Arts Basket team on +44 20 8634 7533 to discuss your needs further.