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Our Client

“Norma is a contemporary and vibrant restaurant” located in the culinary heart of London on fashionable Charlotte Street. “Inspired by the food and culture of Sicily with emphasis on the Moorish influences on the island’s cuisine”

Norma’s Energy Sustainability Requirement

Norma’s aim was to minimise their energy costs which have been rising year on year. However, they also wanted to switch to zero carbon energy to help tackle climate change.

Beond’s Zero Carbon Project Solution

Beond ran a Zero Carbon Market online auction for Norma’s zero carbon energy requirement.

12 energy suppliers participated in the online auctions, offering a mix of zero carbon energy offers including renewable electricity using REGO offsets, nuclear energy and fossil fuel sourced energy with carbon credit offsets.

After reviewing the range of zero carbon energy offers and their price differences, Norma selected Positive Energy for their electricity supply and Gazprom for their gas.

Beond used their Zero Carbon Project to neutralise the carbon offsets from their energy supply by purchasing and surrendering UN certified carbon permits, at no additional cost to Norma.

By doing so, Norma offset all 115 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions over the duration of the energy supply contracts. They also earned 3,852 Zero Carbon Coin token rewards for helping tackle climate change.

The auction delivered a 44% reduction on Norma’s previous gas costs, while switching to zero carbon energy. This reduction was mainly due to the competitive intensity of the auction process.


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