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Prominent London College partners
with Beond to achieve
energy cost reductions

Our Client

Kensington and Chelsea College are based in vibrant exciting locations in the heart of London, Chelsea Centre is by the famous King’s Road, whilst the Kensington Centre is in the heart of trendy Portobello. A centre for higher learning and a leading innovative College in London, standing out based on the clear success of its students – producing some of the industry’s brightest stars each year.

Our Challenge

We were enlisted by K&C in 2010 to assist with the reduction in their energy costs using our proprietary e-Auction software to drive lower energy prices for the College than they could achieve direct.

Our Objectives

Our service is based on delivering the best prices to the College and alongside this we took a holistic approach to the account and included at no additional cost:
• Contract management
• Supplier issue resolution
• kVA analysis
• Meter operator, data collector and data aggregator review
• Utility and infrastructure and new connections advice
• Energy efficiency and renewable technology guidance

The Results

Beond has year on year achieved up to 10%+ procurement savings over direct supplier pricing and up to 5%+ against prices provided by other brokers.
Being locally based in West London we have regular communications with the customer who will be involved in our unique West London Zero Carbon Energy Project as part of improving its sustainability and renewable energy position.


Beond have provided K&C with a very good service over the years, supported by excellent market insight and guidance. We are always able to reach our Account Director and they are always willing to help us with any issue we may have. The auction process gives the College a fully transparent and auditable process.”
Estates Director – Kensington & Chelsea College

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