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Beond’s consultants negotiate a £300,000 power cost avoidance

Our Client

In June 2018 Ensono acquired a number of datacentres as part of a world-wide transaction. Ensono’s team in the UK needed to secure a large power contract at very short notice.

Because of the short-timescale, Ensono were not able to follow the normal route and get competitive offers for their business.

Ensono approached Beond who are an energy consultant with long experience in datacentres and who share Ensono’s values of honesty, reliability and passion.

Our Approach

Beond were able to use their proprietary energy procurement system to calculate a fair price Ensono should aim to pay. Beond’s consultants were able to use their calculations, their specialist knowledge of electricity contracts and a lot of persistence to secure an offer at Ensono’s target price.

Our Results

  • Beond agreed to work with Ensono for a  transparent fee and kept them informed at each stage of the analysis and negotiation
  • Beond secured a contract offer that was £300,000+ (10%+) better than Ensono had been offered directly
  • Beond supported Ensono’s team getting legal and commercial sign-off for the transaction


“Ensono selected Beond because their energy consultants have the depth of experience to help clients with large energy expenditures. Ensono had a specific energy challenge and we are very pleased with their approach and the savings Beond delivered for us”.

Corinna Harradine – Procurement Manager


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