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Datum Datacentres designed and built its flagship Farnborough datacentre in 2012. Datum is proud of its green credentials and its facility delivers an energy efficient environment for its clients through state-of-the-art adiabatic cooling, which delivers cost and energy efficiencies. Datum has a long term relationship with Beond Group who identify and negotiate the best source of renewable energy for Datum’s clients.

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Our Approach

Beond’s approach to Zero Carbon energy procurement is to approach all the credible suppliers in the market and talk to them about the specific requirements of our clients. Datum’s key requirements were:

  • Renewable electricity
  • An electricity contract which would grow as the datacentre expanded
  • Competitive and fixed prices
  • A supplier with good financial backing


“Beond’s consultant has supported us since we opened. Using their environment-focused automated energy bidding process (‘Zero Carbon Market’) we identified Hartree Solutions, with its renewable energy and carbon offsetting, as the ideal partner for us.

This means we can continue offering the very best colocation service to our clients whilst knowing that we are doing everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint.”

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