Beond Help CorpAcq Save 9.8%
on Energy Costs

Our Client

CorpAcq was formed in 2006 and is now one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK. CorpAcq currently hold in excess of 20 different businesses within the group, which produces a combined turnover of £380m.

Our Challenge

Beond were enlisted by CorpAcq in 2009 to help manage a growing portfolio throughout the whole of the UK. Beond were challenged to assist with the procurement and alignment of over 20 contracting parties whilst reducing energy costs through optimising the portfolio as well as driving down supplier margins using our eAuction procurement software.

Our Objectives

Our service is based on delivering the best prices to CorpAcq whilst finding opportunities to save money through optimising their portfolio:

• Contract management.
• Supplier issue resolution including managing objections.
• KVA analysis.
• Budgeting and procurement advice through Beond’s fixed plus risk model.
• Change of Tenancy services.
• Utility and infrastructure and new connections advice.
• Energy efficiency and renewable technology guidance.

The Results

Beond have managed and run a large volume of tenders as CorpAcq continues to expand, adding large manufacturing companies into their portfolio. We have:

• Completed over 361 individual tenders.
• Analysed 3,341 unique supplier bids by utilising our bespoke eAuction software, ensuring that our client gets the best price for their businesses.
• Resolved an average of 85 supplier issues per year including processing change of tenancies.
• Completed 24 kVA analysis projects to optimise capacities and reviewed lighting opportunities.
• Installed new metering at CorpAcq Head Office, liaising with supplier, metering engineer & distribution network operator.
• Investigated and advised on all compliance schemes that may affect the group such as CCA, CRC, ESOS, GHG, DCP161, MEES, EII, MCPD and MID.


“CorpAcq have been working with Beond for 10 years now and counting. We are a very dynamic and fast-growing concern that owns 25 businesses. This means we need all our suppliers to be pro-active and always available as and when needed, and Beond fit the bill perfectly. CorpAcq have tested Beond on many occasions pitting them against the market and each and every time they have offered the best priced contracts in this challenging climate. Our Account Manager – Ross Mair has done a sterling job for us, so we look forward to more years of great service ahead.”

Group Purchasing Manager


For further information about any of our services please call Beond on 0208 634 7533 or email