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Energy Savings Achieved through eAuction Tendering and Meter Optimisation for Auction House Christie’s

Our Client

Christie’s auction house founded in 1766 and home to some of the most recognised auctions across London and a number of major cities across Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Our Challenge

Beond were enlisted by Christie’s in 2011 to help manage a fluid portfolio across London.

The challenge was to assist with the reduction in energy costs through optimising current meters and reducing costs through our proprietary eAuction software to drive lower energy prices for Christies than they could achieve direct.

Our Objectives

Our service is based on delivering the best prices to Christie’s whilst finding opportunities to save money through optimising their portfolio:

  • Contract management.
  • Supplier issue resolution including managing objections.
  • kVA analysis.
  • Budgeting and procurement advice through Beond’s fixed plus risk model.
  • Change of Tenancy services.
  • Utility and infrastructure and new connections advice.
  • Energy efficiency and renewable technology guidance.

The Results

By using Beond’s Fixed plus Risk management procurement approach, Beond have managed to procure at optimal times to emphasize our unique e-auction tendering platform.

Beond have continued to deliver high level account support to Christie’s over our 7-year relationship.

This has included managing several changes of tenancies including recovering an outstanding invoice for one site of £11,430 after a supplier had wrongly been billing Christie’s.

Managing a complex portfolio and achieving up to 10%+ procurement savings over direct supplier pricing and up to 5%+ against prices provided by other brokers.

Identifying £3,082 worth of annual savings through meter optimisation methods, including adjusting power factor and kVA levels.


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