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Bexley College creates efficiency gains and savings developing £20m regeneration project

Bexley College provides high quality education and training for over 3,000 students. Having celebrated their centenary in 2007, they began planning a new era for the college and the community with a £20M regeneration project and relocation to Erith, located in Bexley, London. The new state of the art campus was designed to provide extra classrooms and study areas, modern ICT suites, a media studio, learning resource center, fully equipped gym, refectory and a public Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy Salon.

Bexley College

Our Challenge

New connections can be expensive and complicated.

Enhanced supply contract, metering costs and frustrating delays can be common due to a lack of information, communication, knowledge and understanding of the industry processes, timescales and level of project management needed to complete meter installations on time and without failed appointments.

To prepare for the vital commissioning programme before practical completion, the contractors asked the college to make arrangements for the new electricity supplies and metering needed once the electricity cables and substation had been installed and inspected.

However, the electrical substation had not even been built so the potential meter installations were still months away and the client did not know how to proceed.

After exploring the market for a specialist partner Bexley College engaged with Beond.  

The Review

In May 2014, Beond were asked by Bexley College to apply their extensive new connections knowledge and experience to ensure that competitive supply and metering contracts were in place and the right supplier and meter operator was appointed.

Once the new supplies were registered successfully, Beond spent three months delivering careful project management by liaising with the contractors, Independent Connection Provider (ICP), energy suppliers and meter operators.

By making sure that all stakeholders knew what was happening and when, the substation schedule of works was kept on track.

Once cables were laid and the substation was built, Beond ensured that the Current Transformers (CT’s) were requested and installed in a timely manner and then negotiated with the meter operator to bring forwards the final meter installation date which had been scheduled.

The Results

Beond ensured that the client received the most competitive supply and metering contract rates possible and was kept up to date throughout the project.

Due to an advanced knowledge and network of contacts, valuable time was gained by improving on the usual service delivery timescales possible for the CT’s, metering and final connection.


Upon project completion, Beond received this email from the main contractor:

“We now have the main power supply into the building. Thank you for your assistance in achieving this. If you have any details which you could forward on, I would be grateful so that we can discuss requirements for the next time we have a similar situation.”  

Chris Jordan (Building Services Manager – Osborne)

Case Study Highlights

This study highlights how Building Service Managers can reduce time scales and costs by utilising specialist new connections and metering expertise supplied by Beond.

Beond continue to work with Bexley College advising them on renewal contracts, market challenges, contract risks and environmental compliance issues as they arise.


Beond Services

Beond are a privately owned specialist energy market consultancy – offering innovative and bespoke services to a wide range of energy and carbon consumers. Our business is built on offering tailored energy management and purchasing solutions, supported by our proprietary software and managed by our dedicated team of experts.

Our staff are the key to our success and significant investment has been placed in recruiting and retaining the best talent in the industry sector – with our Consulting Directors holding an average of 20 years’ individual energy market expertise and experience.

With over 500 major energy consumers under management we have an excellent track record in delivering:

  • Innovations in energy procurement to deliver best value to our clients
  • Dedicated portfolio management and on-going data collation and analysis
  • Tailored and bespoke risk management hedging strategies – able to adapt to the ever changing markets
  • Studies on the impact of future changes to an organisation to mitigate risk
  • Structural site works, upgrades and network connections
  • Bill validation, reporting and analysis
  • Compliance to carbon schemes such as the CRC and ESOS with an excellent track record of success
  • Innovations in energy management to bring bespoke solutions with strong financial return
  • Energy auditing and technology services to introduce the right technology to reduce energy consumption

For more information regarding our latest innovations please contact the consultancy team on 020 8899 7385.