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Key Metering and Bureau Support backs up Procurement Savings for BAM FM

Our Client

BAM FM has been delivering bespoke support services throughout the UK since 1999. They deliver digitally integrated facilities management with excellent customer service across the education, healthcare, retail and commercial property sectors.

Within all of their partnership agreements they are required to deliver energy services which can often include securing energy supply contracts.

Our Challenge

Beond were challenged to deliver procurement savings through a robust and intensive benchmarking exercise whilst being asked to deliver value through a variety of bureau, contractual and metering services.

Appointed in 2015, Beond has been tasked with finding ongoing value in the energy market through continued monitoring of BAM’s portfolio and the energy markets.

Our Objectives

Our service is based on delivering the best prices to BAM FM while finding opportunities to save money through optimising their portfolio. Services delivered so far are:

  • Risk management procurement advice.
  • Contract management.
  • Supplier issue resolution including managing objections.
  • Water auditing and procurement.
  • Utility and infrastructure new connections advice.
  • Bill validation and access to data portal.
  • Metering advice and support.

The Results

Providing contractual savings against benchmark prices in a highly competitive tendering process.

We helped resolve a number of metering issues and through negotiations with the Meter Asset Managers, we have been able to save thousands in erroneous gas costs.

Our bill validation service has identified over £6,000 of overcharges that have subsequently been credited back to BAM FM.

By using Beond’s Fixed plus Risk management procurement approach, BAM FM were able to contract their renewal 30% below the peak wholesale market price.


“We have been working with Beond for the last 3 years primarily to secure supply contracts for our public sector partners. We believe that the auction process they employ along with the excellent market insight reports and notices we receive on a weekly basis allows us to make informed decisions on when to buy and on what terms. Moreover, we have encountered a number of complex supply related issues during our partnership on both new and existing supplies. Without the excellent information, advice and service we have received from Beond we would have really struggled to resolve these issues and potentially our clients may have suffered as a result.”

BAM FM – Energy Manager


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