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New OJEU framework commits to reduce public sector energy costs by at least 5%

Beond Group announces OJEU framework and PCD-15 compliant tendering process

December 4, 2018

Beond invites Public Sector buyers to take advantage of their innovative technology to deliver efficiency gains and tangible savings.

The UK based energy software provider offer innovative tendering solutions that promote increased competition by inviting up to 25 energy suppliers using a standalone OJEU compliant e-auction, or up to 10 suppliers via a call off framework.

Beond typically delivers clients savings of at least 5% against PBO prices, tailored supply contract terms as well as greener, low-carbon solutions.

A no obligation risk-free consultation allows buyers to audit their current supply contracts by using Beond’s ground-breaking reverse engineering software. This transparent approach highlights potential savings so that clients can avoid hidden costs and reduce supplier margins when negotiating future contracts.

Mike Chan

Mike Chan, Sales Director at Beond says: “Recent OJEU advertisements show increasing numbers are leaving the PBOs in search of innovation, better value and bespoke energy management support. Our energy experts have monitored the public-sector’s offers and buying habits for over 20 years. We believe the public sector could avoid £155 million per annum in energy costs by adopting an alternative approach that can target significant savings.”

Beond’s software has already saved public sector organisations significant amounts of money. For example, thanks to Beond’s unique procurement process, Salford City Council saved 12.9% against PBO benchmark offers.

Salford City’s Energy Manager explains: “Adopting Beond’s innovative pricing software in conjunction with the fully compliant OJEU tendering process has provided a substantial financial benefit that would otherwise not have been achieved. This process also demonstrated a significant increase in market participants that ultimately lead to the competitive edge and I would not hesitate to recommend this technology for energy tenders.”

Beond’s framework is available to all public sector organisations in England, Wales and Scotland. Details on how to compare existing contracts and join the online e-auction can be found on the Beond website. To receive a no obligation risk-free supply contract audit using our reverse engineering software please contact us below.

Mike Chan
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