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kVA Analysis

As energy prices remain high, more and more businesses are looking at ways to reduce their energy bills. One place that you may not have considered is reviewing your kVA allowance. A businesses kVA allowance may be set too low or too high,  and this can lead to you paying for capacity you don’t use or receiving penalties for exceeding you allowance. The last two years have seen unprecedented changes for many businesses, and these could have impacted the amount of energy you consume. If your energy use has gone up or down, ensuring your kVA allowance is at an appropriate level is a simple way to potentially save money. We have written this blog to share what kVA is and the benefits conducting kVA analysis can bring to your business.

What is a kVA?
kVA stands for kilo volt-amperes; it is a unit of measurement used to help measure your authorised supply capacity from your DNO (Distribution Network Operator). This measurement will determine how much kVA your business can use.

What happens if my business exceeds its kVA allowance?
If your business exceeds its kVA allowance, you are at risk of being charged penalty fees, depending on your distributor, these fees could be up to four times your standard rate. Your business can also underuse its kVA allowance, which will mean you will be paying for energy you do not use; all of which can all be avoided with a kVA analysis.

What is a kVA analysis?
We will use your energy consumption data to conduct a kVA analysis to determine the most appropriate allowance for you your business. That way you are not paying for an allowance you are not using or at risk of penalties.

How will a kVA analysis help my business?
A kVA Analysis can help any business when it comes to energy management. The process of analysing your energy consumption will help you potentially identify opportunities to cut costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Larger organisations tend to benefit the most from kVA analysis as they are the most at risk of having the incorrect allowance and therefore exceeding it.

Small businesses will still benefit from conducting a kVA analysis, as no matter what size your organisation is, ensuring you are only paying for what you need is important. As a small business, you will know that ensuring all your money is being put to good use, and not wasted is important to you.

How can Beond help?
At Beond, our team of experts will analyse your data to determine the required allowance for your business, whilst helping you identify ways to cut energy costs throughout your entire portfolio. Our kVA analysis will give you a greater picture of your energy consumption so you can adapt accordingly.

For any queries regarding how we can help your organisation with your kVA Analysis, please get in touch and one of our team of experts will support your query. Speak to one of our advisors on how we can support you, +44 20 8634 7533 or email