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How can businesses manage their energy consumption

Keeping an eye on energy consumption is a great way for all organisations to save costs and bring down their carbon footprint. However not all businesses give energy management the time it deserves, meaning some are at risk of missing cost-saving opportunities.

We will all inevitably be required to play our part in delivering a sustainable future, however the net zero journey every business will go on will be unique. Understanding how your business can manage its energy is essential in this journey, and we have collated the following points to demonstrate how your business can manage its energy consumption better.

How can my business manage its energy consumption?
As a first step, understanding your energy portfolio will enable you to better understand how your organisation can reduce its consumption. By understanding how energy is used, you will be able to create a baseline to identify where you should invest in energy efficiency projects. Through this, all organisations can deliver big improvements in energy cost and consumption reduction.

We would advise businesses looking to reduce their energy consumption to start with an energy audit; this involves monitoring your daily consumption to spot any inefficiencies within your energy portfolio. From this, we will help you identify opportunities for energy reductions, leading to energy savings.

Installing sub-meters would also enable you to manage your energy better. If you are a large organisation or own a premises with multiple floors, your business will be able to track how much energy is being used by which floor. Our MY ZeERO tool will enable you to visualise your energy usage in real time, plus the data and reporting provided will enable us to work with you to identify and remove your inherent energy wastage. Our team will also be able to help you develop an energy efficiency roadmap to help you reduce your energy consumption. For example, the lighting in your premises or certain machinery may be very inefficient, through installing sub-metering you determine exactly what is causing your business to experience energy wastage and then do something about it.

How can Beond help?
At Beond, we can look into your current energy consumption to develop a plan on how this can be managed with the goal of becoming energy efficient. We can develop a plan that ensures your energy goals are met, whether this is to achieve net zero or simply reduce costs. We are ready to support you throughout the entire energy management journey.

Beond can offer a range of services that will enable your business to manage and achieve its energy goals, from procurement to implementing energy reduction methods. Our team of experts are ready to support your energy goals today. Speak to one of our advisors on how we can support you, +44 20 8634 7533 or email