National Infrastructure Commission’s ‘Smart Power’ recommendations

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) is an independent body set up on 5th October 2015 to look at the UK’s future needs for nationally significant infrastructure, to help maintain UK’s competitiveness amongst the G20 nations.

National Infrastructure Commission’s ‘Smart Power’ recommendations report

Its task is also to provide greater certainty for investors by taking a long term approach to the major investment decisions in energy supply facing the country.

On Friday 4th March NIC published its first report, which was on UK electricity market infrastructure, called Smart Power.

It proposed recommendations to reduce carbon emissions, increase security of supply and reduce energy costs. The Report was commissioned from Imperial College of London and University of Cambridge energy policy research group.

The recommendations included:

  • “The Government should pursue additional interconnectors with other European countries where the benefits are most significant
  • The UK should become a world leader in electricity storage systems. Two steps are required: a review of the regulatory and legal status of storage, removing outdated barriers to be completed by Spring 2017 and implemented as soon as possible, and Ofgem should encourage network owners to use storage
  • The UK should make full use of demand flexibility by improving regulation, informing the public of its benefits and piloting business models”

“In summary, one of the key observations from this study is that operational flexibility can significantly reduce the integration cost of intermittent renewables, to the point where their whole-system cost makes them a more attractive expansion option than CCS and/or nuclear.”

How can Beond assist?

Beond assist clients that want to take advantage of these opportunities.

We provide a demand side response service which has delivered 25% reduction in non-commodity costs. Beond are also in discussions with clients about their on-site battery enabled demand side response solution.

We can provide a unique insight into the latest energy efficiency products as well as renewables, new battery technologies and peer-to-peer trading opportunities.

As part of our energy strategy review we provide feasibility studies to explore innovations in supply solutions

National Infrastructure Commission’s ‘Smart Power’ recommendations report

If you would like alternatives to grid or DNO dependency, we can examine:

  • Independent distribution networks operators (IDNOs)
  • Innovative energy centres
  • Integrated renewable energy solutions
  • Energy storage systems

About Beond

Beond is an innovative and dynamic specialist energy market consultancy offering a range of individually tailored solutions to help our clients meet the challenges faced in a complex and risky sector. Initially founded over 17 years ago as, our business rebranded in September 2015 to become Beond, helping to express the ever-changing nature and our increasing number of services offered to energy consumers.

More recently Beond were acknowledged as an industry leader at the main industry event in our sector – being awarded Best Broker of the year 2015 (less than 50 staff). This award recognised and rewarded the quality of our team, the levels of service we deliver and some of the challenges we’ve helped our clients overcome. The Energy Awards win is further recognition of our ethical stance – delivering clear and measurable services with visible and auditable commercial fees.