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BuyEnergyOnline relaunches
as Beond

BuyEnergyOnline has relaunched itself as Beond along with a full range of consultancy services, responding to increasing client demands for assistance with energy market complexity arising from climate change.

Energy buyers are now demanding a lot more value from their consultants than just a competitive and transparent tender service and a risk management service. The entire energy market is struggling with increased complexity ultimately driven by the global climate change challenge.  Complexity is arising from realms of new regulations including more taxes, new subsidies and tighter energy efficiency obligations. Along with a bewildering range of innovative new energy technologies enabling energy efficiency, self-generation, renewable energy, batteries and smart grids.

The United Nations Conference of Climate Change is meeting in Paris this year, with the aim of securing a global agreement between all nations to reduce carbon emissions. Scientists, economists, politicians, industrialists and even Europe’s oil companies now agree the need to reduce carbon emissions to cap temperature increases at 2 degrees Celsius (with a 50% probability of success) compared to pre-industrial levels. This would require reducing annual emissions from current levels and eliminating emissions altogether in 50 years.

Europe and UK have been leading the way, with UK having delivered 20% reductions in emissions over the last 20 years while growing their economy by 54%. However, more pain is expected in order to deliver against European reduction promises and global requirements.

Beond has the services, skills and expertise to assist clients navigate these energy market complexities arising from climate change towards the goal of improving competitive advantage and reducing costs.