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What is our Dynamic Purchasing System?
Our Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is a procurement purchasing process designed for the Public Sector. If a public sector organisation spends over £189,330 on energy, then they are required to purchase this in a way that meets Public Contracts Regulation 2015 (PCR 2015) We launched our very own DPS in conjunction with Gwynedd Council back in 2019 to support the public sector. If you are a public sector organisation and do not purchase your energy compliantly, you are at risk of receiving penalties.

Gwynedd Council is the Framework Operator for the DPS, and Beond Group is the sole appointed framework procurement agents. Beond Group manages the Framework Agreement, including all call-off contracts and brokering services.

What are the benefits of using Beond’s DPS?
 Our DPS can provide many benefits for your organisation, such as…

Support your organisation with compliance – Our DPS will ensure that your public sector organisation is compliant in the procurement of energy. You can have confidence that your procurement process is meeting the required government standards.

We have access to the best suppliers in the market, giving you access to more competitive pricing – When it comes to sourcing competitive pricing, it is beneficial to have a wide selection of offers from different suppliers. We have access to the top suppliers in the industry, allowing us to find you the right contract at the most competitive rate, ensuring you always get the best deal.

Access to other services: The DPS also gives you access to other services, such as PPA provision, EV charging infrastructure and renewable generation technology. We can support your organisation with its entire energy portfolio.

Your price is generated via our reverse auction platform – This is a platform where all suppliers bid for your business, meaning you get their best price faster! All major suppliers use our reverse auction platform, which allows you to get the right contract at the best possible price.

Risk management – Our expertise means that we can manage your risk, placing you on the correct contract type for your energy consumption profile. Whether that is a flexible contract or a fixed contract. We tailor the solution to fit your requirements, so you can have the choice without your compliance being compromised.

How can Beond help?
With over 500 major energy consumers under our management, we have an excellent track record in delivering measurable success. Beond has run many standalone public sector procurement exercises, including Salford City Council, Optivo, Gwynedd Council, Newcastle North Tyneside Council, and Settle Group. The DPS framework enables complete transparency throughout the entire process, showing complete visibility within prices.

For more information on our DPS, check out our case study discussing how we saved Gwynedd Council £932k in gas savings.

For further information about any of our services, please call Beond on 0208 634 7533 or email

5 Key benefits of using our Dynamic Purchasing System